05 Abortion: By Ethnicity

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DNC: We care about minorities, that's why we're champions of exterminating them.

Margaret Sanger founded planned parenthood on the idea of exterminating inferior brown babies, so they'd stop outbreeding white ones. And when you look at abortion statistics by race, the numbers show her eugenics plan in actions, with 87% of babies being black or latino. And remember that's under half the population having nearly 90% of the abortions. I find it ironic that the left pretends to be the ally of the minorities that it is helping to selectively exterminate.


Abortion is a deeply personal view, and I used to explore people by asking or sharing my views on it and seeing how they respond.This article covers many aspects of the topic, in what I hope is a somewhat neutral and informed way, though I openly have and express my opinions. The point is not to change anyone's mind, and I leave people room for their own personal views.
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