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There are "pump action" rifles, but they're most popular in shotguns.

Shotguns do even more damage than rifles in close quarters and mass shootings. There's two topics with pump actions, how fast can you shoot, and how fast can you reload.

How fast can you shoot, is basically as fast as a semi-automatic, there's virtually no difference in rate of fire. Here's Patrick Flanigan throwing 6 clay pigeons in the air, and hitting them before they hit the ground. That's better than anyone can do with an assault rifle because of the many bullets in each shot of a shotgun.

Reloading isn't worse than other fixed magazines. They make speed reloading tubes, so a shotgun can hold 10 regular rounds, or 20 short rounds (not as powerful, but easily enough to kill people). Jerry is using a semi-automatic shotgun, but the same reloading works with pump action. So the removable or fixed magazine does not matter: you push load 20 fresh rounds into a gun in a fraction of a second. The much larger bullets of a shotgun make them easier to reload, because it's a large muscle motion instead of smaller one. The only difference is the the shape of the bullet grouping goes from stacked on top of each other, to lined up end-to-end. So you carry a bunch of tubes around, instead of magazines -- and each shot has a higher chance of lethality as you're basically firing 10-12 bullets the size of an assault rifle bullet, with each shot.
Reload Times
There's a fallacy amongst hoplophobes (gun phobics) that limiting magazines to 10 rounds will help against mass shooters, or that assault rifles are somehow unique. However:
  • The time it takes to reload is less than the reaction time to know that a shooter is reloading.
  • We fought all wars prior to the Korean war without removable magazines, and all wars prior to Vietnam with 10 round magazines (or less).
  • The FBI studied mass shootings and found that the average mass shooting is 10 rounds over 5 minutes, most never even need to reload.
  • In all the mass shootings in the U.S. there has never been a case where a shooter was charged and disarmed during a reload, even with revolvers.
  • Shooting sprees end by them leaving, surrender, suicide or getting shot: virtually never by takedowns during reloads.

Magazine limits, assault rifle bans, outlawing removable magazines, and so on, sound great to those who don't know any better, but is just an infuriating ineffective annoyance to gun owners. Each bad law like this, makes it harder to pass "good" laws, as the tolerance for any more legislation was been wasted dividing us, instead of making a real difference. more...


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