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Calling an illegal alien an undocumented immigrant is like calling a meth dealer an undocumented pharmacist.

The first thing to remember, is the context (history). Why is the immigration fight so bitter today? That history can be summed up as: Democrats lie and polarize for votes. In 1986 Dems traded amnesty for a border fence/security, then broke their promise, then have sabotaged efforts to have real immigration reform or border security ever since. If they wanted to fix immigration, they would have first thing when they got super majorities in all houses -- or they would have made DACA deals the last 5 times they were offered. But they get votes by obstructing immigration reform and keeping illegals second class citizens, then use their suffering as an excuse why we need to vote for them (and they scream "racist" at anyone that isn't as extreme as they are).

Context Matters

(1) Remember that virtually all our immigration laws: the complex quotas, paperwork, restrictions, etc., were created by Democrats/progressives from letting the inferior races come in. This was in payment to their Union overlords who didn't like cheap competition for manual labor jobs. Then the Democrats play the other side, by also undermining enforcement of those very laws that they helped pass: that way they can get the Union and racist votes for the immigration limits, and appeal to the under-educated minorities by claiming they care for them. But that's ancient history, let's look more recent.

Claiming to care for them is a sham. If they cared for them, they wouldn't want to keep illegal immigrants as a second-class sort of citizen. They'd work to get the legals out, and fight to make it easier for legals to get in. Instead of the opposite.

(2) Reagan passed the 1986 immigration reform bill, with the intent of legalizing 2M workers (of the 4M illegal aliens), and give their families time to appeal while they complied with the law. Part of that deal was that the House/Senate Democrats PROMISED they would build a wall (fence), protect entitlements from abuse, and we'd fix the amnesty problem. Reagan did what he said, and the Democrats broke their promise (as usual), setting up a long term friction on this issue.

(3) Since then we got 9/11, where many more people wanted to come here to blend in, and destroy us. And for 30+ years the Democrats would talk tough on immigration (like Clinton's did about building the fence).... then they not only didn't act on it, they undermined efforts.

(4) The Republicans tried to create another immigration reform bill in 2007 -- a prepeat of 1986 -- but this time with teeth. We would build the wall that was promised in 1986 and reneged on, and try to both strengthen security AND create a path to citizenship. But the Democrats and Press torpedo'd it by calling it amnesty, and added in the "dream act" poison pill (they misrepresented who these kids were). So it failed.

(5) Obama then used executive overreach. This violation of separation of powers infuriated any constitutionalists (mostly Republicans), and thus poisoned the well and got even more momentum for a backlash.

(6) Government proved incompetent at vetting at terrorists, and the House/Senate democrats made this a more polarizing issue by increasing entitlements to illegals, and expanding social programs, making it harder to get future progress (since each person coming in would cost more), and demagogued and polarized people on the issue.

(7) States like California created Sanctuary cities, where repeat felons would be harbored and obstructed from ICE, so that they could kill, rape and rob again, and again, and again.

(8) Gangs became a much bigger problem (much of them from illegals coming here). We radically increased the number of visas, and decreased the enforcement. Thus instead of 2 or 4 million illegals, we're talking 11.6 million+ illegal aliens (on the LOW end of the scale): the problem is at least 5 times bigger now. Reagan later said he regretted passing it (because of how poorly it turned out).

So that's why there's more polarization today, is because of the failures that happened back then and since then.


The Democrats have intentionally divided us for 30 years on this topic. They don't want to fix it -- or they would have first thing when they got super majorities in all houses. They want to lie to the other side, piss them off, refuse to admit any history/mistakes/context, then use the other sides reaction to say, "see they're all racists!" then use that to secure votes and donations from their gullible base.

So that's why there's more polarization today, is because of the failures that happened back then and since then. We made mistakes, the problems got much worse, democrats polarized us much more (and used it to manipulate the gullible), we had more gang/crime and terrorism that the dems refuse to address or admit are a problem, and they intentionally converted this into a wedge issue -- then they're shocked that it's harder to get things done?

How to ruin a negotiation :If you want to know why we can't find middle ground, ask what's the easiest way to torpedo a negotiation. While the details may change a little, the basic recipe almost always includes the following ingredients:
  1. call the other side names (racists/bigots)
  2. lie about how you got to the negotiation
  3. lie about everything that was said/happened in the past
  4. have a long history of lying on the topic

Then see how much trust you have in the negotiation.

As long as: the Democrats/Media deny there's a problem, and that they had anything to do with it, then the rest will push much harder than if the left and the media in this country were honest about the costs/consequences of illegal immigration. As long as the Democrats pretend they have the moral high ground or the other side are all racists, there will be this polarization.

So I support more immigration. And want to see more done. But whenever I see the media committing lies of omission (omitting the context) or lies of commission (not explaining what is really going on, or why), then we can't make progress. The informed will be furious at the misrepresentation of their side, and dig in their heels at such fraud, or vote for someone like Trump just to spite the other sides lies. Heck, I don't even like the idea of a wall, and think it is mostly a waste. But I want to see it built just to stick a thumb in the lying liars eyes. If they'd done what they promised 30 years ago, we wouldn't be having the same fight today. And there has to be a consequence for their actions, or we'll just get more lies in the future.

But either way, if you want to know why immigration is such a hot button issue today, it's because of how it has been handled in the past.

Because I have a reasoned view of immigration, some have called me a xenophobic racist, showing they don't know what either word means, and aren't listening to what I actually think (or are missing the nuances of life).

I love immigrants. I am one. Well, 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation immigrant. (Iranian Dad on one side, Italian Grandma and German Great Grandparents on the other), raised mostly by a British Step-Dad. Many of my friends (now and growing up) and coworkers today (and historically) have been immigrants as well. I've dated immigrants, I taught immigrants, and I hang with immigrants. I love variants in culture, language, food, and people. So if you think I'm against immigrants, you're a moron.That being said, if you think all immigrants are equal, and we should have open borders, your reading comprehension needs work. (I say that because lots of people will read the following, and then claim I'm anti-immigrant.



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